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Sunday, Feb. 27, 2022 at 2pm EST

Meet the speakers for Israel Engage
Winter 2022

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Amy Albertson: Social media activist Amy Albertson is no stranger to internet trolls. As a Chinese-American Jew, Albertson creates content that celebrates the intersection between her Jewish and Asian identities. She eloquently deconstructs Jewish identity and teaches her audience about Asian-Jewish history and experiences. You can follow her Instagram here and Twitter here.

Ysabella Hazan: One simply cannot discuss contemporary Israel advocacy without mentioning Ysabella Hazan. A Hasbara Fellowships Canada alumna, Ysabella is vocal about topics related to Jewish identity, indigeneity, and the diverse cultures that encompass the Jewish experience. She is currently a law student and founder of Decolonized Judean, an apparel brand and Jewish empowerment/pride movement. She has also amassed quite a loyal following on social media – follow her here and here for daily inspiration.

Noah Shufutinsky (Westside Gravy): Israel-based rapper and producer Noah Shufutinsky uses his unique sound and powerful lyrics to spread awareness on institutionalized racism and modern antisemitism. A proud Hasbara Fellowships alumnus (he recorded the video for "Diaspora" during our Israel trip), he is the young voice of a generation, using art as a social commentary on what it means to be both Black and Jewish. You can check out his Instagram here and Twitter here.

Jordyn Tilchen: Entertainment and lifestyle writer Jordyn Tilchen has a passion for pop culture, the internet, and the Gen Z/millennial perspective. Her viral tweets offer a satirical take on the anti-Zionism and antisemitism Jews face daily online. Her wit and humour are healing and offer a powerful commentary on issues facing young modern Jews today. She is the voice of a generation – you can follow her Instagram here and Twitter here for a daily dose of laughter and wisdom.

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Norah Alawadhi (The King Norah): You may recognize Norah Alawadhi from that viral photo of the two girls holding Israeli and UAE flags overlooking Dubai’s skyline. Norah is an Emirati pro-peace activist who is a powerful voice for peace between Jews and Muslims. You can follow her journey through her Instagram page here and Twitter here.

Bassem Eid: Bassem Eid is a Palestinian living in Jericho with an extensive career as a journalist and human rights activist. His research looks into human rights violations committed by the Palestinian Authority (PA) on their own people. He is the founder of the Jerusalem-based Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group. He is also an esteemed political analyst for Israeli TV and the Reshet Bet radio program. A powerful advocate for Palestinian peace and human rights, you can find a collection of his articles on his Instagram page here and Twitter here.

Mohammad Kabiya: Mohammad Kabiya is an Israeli Bedouin who served in the IDF on a search and rescue team in the Israeli Air Force. Born in Kabiya, a village named after his family, Mohammad comes from a long line of Bedouins who have supported Israel. Upon completing his IDF service, Mohammad continues to display his pride and love for Israel by working as an IDF Strategic Consultant and pro-Israel activist. You can find him on Instagram here and Twitter here.

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Fleur Hassan-Nahoum: Fleur Hassan-Nahoum is an Israeli speaker and policy-maker. She currently serves as Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem in charge of foreign relations, international economic development and tourism. She is also the co-founder and founding member of the UAE-Israel Business Council. Fleur is of Moroccan origin and grew up in Gibraltar, a British territory on the southern coast of Europe. She is a law graduate from King’s College London, and has spent a majority of her legal career campaigning for Jewish and Israeli rights. You can follow her on Instagram here and Twitter here.

PLUS, Israel Engage Winter 2022 will feature a comedy sketch from Uri Cohen, an Israeli online entertainer who injects plenty of humour and satire into what it means to be Jewish in our modern world. His hilarious clips bring to light the Jewish experience in a world plagued by anti-Zionism and antisemitism. If you want to educate yourself and laugh at the same time, follow his Instagram page here.

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